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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

For Shelley.

Contemplation of what was next to come. Did he have time for it?

Overhead the soft throb of forgotten music gently pulsed as if it were the lub-dub of one's own heart. He was too busy to bother with it, though. Right now his lips moved to create the familiar clicks and shudders of noise that were words, words that were to be exchanged with others and inevitably be apart of a 'conversation'. Xaedyn was like always; scraggly and lanky-bodied with his tousled black boy-hair strewn a little in sight's way. It appeared that he was having a good time talking to the boy before him at the cash-desk as his sable lips were crooked in a coy smile.

"Yeah, I spent the entire night after jes' shaking everyone's hand and saying, 'Phenomanal show, phenomanal!' I musta shaken 200 hands, you know? Ahah.." Those dark eyes of his crinkled a smidge with pleasure.

"I'm really just surprised I didn't see you there, you know? I stayed back hoping for an encore," said Pierre in response. Pierre side-stepped to let an actual customer make a purchase, apologising brusquely to the girl while giving Xae a look of sheepish amusement.

Xaedyn just smiled and rang in the chick's purchase and tossed the CD into a slick black bag. "They're coming out with something new next summer, you know?" The girl smiled and nodded, replied, then made her way off with a dainty smile. Heh, that was cute.

"Well, next time let's meet up before the show... get cute, you know." A wink followed in Pierre's direction after Xae's snake voice purled out. This caused the responsive tabby-cat to smile warmly.

"Yeah, sure..."

This was the usual day downtown in the city's largest music store, the well-known HMV. I mean, HMC. (:


Blogger shelley said...

Hearing was obviously abused by sound, so when the soft trickle of music slid past the double wide glass doors, a tickle scampered down spine.

Pushing the door open, a little more of the beat was absorbed; leaving jean clad rear to bob to it's own beat, completely disregarding that she was in the way of the alert laser. A few more beats and she skuzzy her way past a couple 'tough' looking folk and starting the fishing of new music.

A distant hum came through her throat as it slowly formed into words, "Don't do what I say, cause if you don't love me; it's worthless anyway..." Mind obviously bridged off elsewhere as the tone of music was completely different than the blare.

Finally finding something of interest, she tossed it in the air to only land it in duo finger set. "Now now now.. what have we here." Eyes darted to the side as she finally caught a familiar voice, but shook head quickly in disbelief and continued browsing.

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