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For the most part I'll be using this for the addition and creation of the stories and the giant tale that surrounds my characters. I really would love for anybody who reads this (if there ever will be an anybody) to give constructive criticism, comments, and sometimes even responses. I adore roleplaying so if you ever want to have a go at it, then leave me a line. Hmn, that's all for now. Happy birthday 'morningblush'.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For Shelley.

In a style which mimicked that of his former self came a grin of pleasure to those black liquorice lips of his. He'd seen her the very second she'd sway-slunk her way in and immediatly to his head came a feeling of warmth, for within his mind an overflow of nostalgic memories swirled about like hot coffee in a cup. To Pierre, best described as silver-grey tabby not more than 5 ft tall, the slinky mutt purred, "Ahhh, remember th'girl I told you 'bout?"

Responding with a dip of his head and a most faint twitch of displeasure, Pierre recalled said girl. His soft rose-pink lips parted and then came his ever gentle voice.

"What of her?"

"Well, over there ain't 'er," said he as he nudged his nosetip in the direction of Dream, "but it is still someone I do know from once upon a time ago."

The cat allowed the most minor crinkle of his brow, face tightening oh-just-a'lil in contemplation. After the flutter of a few seconds he nodded.

Meanwhile the ignorable hum of business carried on.

"I think, maybe, I would like to meet this girl."

"I... I think I would too." Xaedyn laughed lightly then and excused himself from behind the counter, requesting a co-worker to fill his position for just a sec. Taking gently the hand of his friend, the two then casually toe'a'tipped along the aisles of CDs... lingering just an aisle apart from Dream.


Blogger shelley said...

Black painted lids seemed to almost be closed, only needle's tip could make it through to the soft bulb. They twitched as each song was processed, whispering them out loud with the same old delicate voice.

"Now you'd think they'd come up with less nostalgic titles... it's becoming so cliché."

Tail finally calmed down and rested near the pencil thighs that were far from attractive. At least her boyish looks would let her blend in with any crowd down here; even if her hair was insanely blue.

Finally, vision slipped to the side, them opening to their widest. The juxtaposed two caught interest way too quickly.

"What you looking at?"

It was a mere mumble, but it was gurgling over the skip of her chest. An uneasy familiarity scooching into place. Stomach seemed to flutter with the most curious of butterflies.

Body attempted an odd counter attack, flicking her hand on one hip and tilting head the opposite direction as if overly interested in the CD and made a light sidestep in the opposite direction.

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